RC Peugeot 406 TAXI2 body kit and RC Chassis Destiny

RC Peugeot 406 TAXI2 with DESTINY Chassis

3Dprinted RC car BUILD POST (DESTINY v.X.3)

Chassis v.3.3 (Peugeot 406 TAXI2)

Load 3D Model

Our 3rd GENERATION CHASSIS for RC Peugeot 406 TAXI2 body kit

Dimensions of Chassis v.3.3 DESTINY

Front Wheel Track170mm
Rear Wheel Track170mm

to COMPLETE Chassis Assembly

Body Kit of RC Peugeot 406 from TAXI2
Body Kit


custom rc car chassis DESTINY
Assembly of Chassis

We have previously made the Peugeot 406 TAXI2 body kit with an outdated Chassis. Now, you are able to build it with our latest! When you download DESTINY you get everything to build any 3Dprinted 1/10 Chassis for on-road electric RC cars.

Below you can see the “Varying” parts which are needed to set DESTINY for the RC Ford Mustang 1967 Fastback body kit. You will find them among the downloaded folders.

  • Setting Wheelbase

Connecting Part

WB: 271mm HtH: 46mm

  • Setting Front Track

Front Rocking Arms

170mm_Rocking_Arm_front (2pcs)


Front_axle_Big_bearing_BASE (2pcs)

Steering Sides

170_4/4.8/5mm_BALLHEAD_Steering_bar_sides_V3 (2pcs)

Front Turnbuckles

M3 threaded rods (2pcs) Length set by you!

  • Setting Rear Track

Rear Rocking Arms

170mm_Rocking_Arm_rear (2pcs)

Rear Wheelnuts

Rear_Wheelnut_Big_bearing_BASE (2pcs)


170mm_Dogbone_print (2pcs)

Rear Turnbuckles

M3 threaded rods (2pcs) Length set by you!

At the Front&Rear Turnbuckles you determine the length of the threaded M3 rods. You can easily set the inclination of the wheels!

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