Piggy Bank


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This is a cute tail pullable Piggy Bank designed by us.


0. If you want spring operated tail. Get a spring from a common PEN onto the tail rod and squezee it until collision with the rackmodul’s rectangle.
(optimal spring size: inside diameter 3mm/length 28-30mm)

1 – Put the rackmodule into the head. It must go in all the way.
2 – Put the tongue into the head.
3 – Put the gear on the tongue, into the shaft position. (the tonge from a profile view should just almost be visible at the mouth – (check the section view)
4 – Put the ear and eye mechanism into the head.
5 – Put the second gear in position. (the end surface of the mechanism should be leveled with the head’s outer-edge surface (check the section view)
6 – Put the two halves of the body together right before where the head section starts so this way you can set the tail easily into its position
7 – Squezee the head and the body together.
8 – Place the 3 clamps to their position. (2 at the head: top and bottom. 1 at the back section)
9 – Put the belly cover into its place.


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