Treasure Chest


3D printable Treasure Chest model STL file



Treasure/Loot Chest/Box designed by us.

Download – 3D printable model STL file – YouTube video

This upload contains 4 kind of chest: Pirate, Lovely, Blank, Empty
(Use WinRaR to extract files)

3D Printing&General details:
– NO SUPPORT needed Print in Place!
– Printing material: We printed it with PLA
– Layer height: 0.2mm (max: 0.2mm recommended because of the hinge and the lock. At least to the height of the lock (variable layer height setting e.g. in PrusaSlicer)
– infill: 10%
– print speed: 50 mm/s
– print temperature: PLA 200 °C / ABS 240°C
– bed temperature: PLA 60°C / ABS 100°C

We printed it with an Ender 3 V2 Neo


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