Build – 3Dprinted RC cars

Build 3Dprinted RC cars – advertisement

How did we 3D fabricate them?

The helping instructions to build your own custom 3Dprinted/produced RC cars with Chassis and Body Kits. Click on the pictures to get information, some have videos!

Build a 3D printed RC car Ford Mustang 1967 Fastback Body Kit STL and custom Chassis
Build a 3D printed RC car BMW e46 M3 GTR BodyKit STL and custom Chassis. Body is from Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005
RC car Peugeot 406 TAXI 2 Body Kit STL and custom Chassis
RC car Dom's Dodge ICE Charger Body Kit STL and custom Chassis
Build a 3Dprinted RC car Nissan GT-R r35 Liberty Walk Silhouette Body Kit STL and custom Chassis
Build a 3Dprinted RC car Porsche 911 GT2 997 Body Kit STL and custom Chassis
Build a 3Dprinted RC car Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 2012 Body Kit STL and custom Chassis

Very soon YOU can build any 3Dprinted 1/10 chassis

ANY WHEELBASE ANY Front and Rear track 3Dpirinted chassis by Model FACTORY
Our latest Chassis design will be available to all of our car Body Kits and to any of YOUR custom design as long as it is 1/10 in scale!

We have been making RC cars since 2020. Our designs are nearly fully custom designed and made. Whenever we create a new model, we get the 1/10 scale standard Tamiya RC car wheel as a front tire and adjust the size of the chassis, the body kit to its dimension.

This means the finished cars (their 3Dprints: chassis and body kits) will always be proportional in size in reference to themselves. Unique car authenticity is what we aim for! Even though embracing this choice entirely, implies our cars are not proportional to each other. (Regrettably, in real life not all cars have same sized front tires.)

We choose this option for your convenience!

  • For example, if you want to use a RIM of your previous (1/10 size) purchase from a huge brand, you can apply it on our designs without any issues!
  • The other reason was the incompetence of building a lasting 3Dprinted tire. So far there is no, or at least we do not know any material/variation of a 3Dprint that could serve as durable as an RC car tire. Thinking on a Tamiya tire straight out from a factory mold.

Hopefully, this will change in the near future! So we would not must go shopping into dedicated RC stores to get new pairs of RUBBER to burn. You know, instead at home print’em easily. Certainly watching it take shape from our lazy couch.

We will definitely try and create an everlasting 3Dprinted RC car tire so highly recommended to follow us on YouTube! 😀